CRYO-2 & 'SureFlow' CUFFS

The GIOCO range of cold compression cuffs now has two extensive options, the original Cryo-2 Cuffs and the newly patented 'SureFlow' range.

Both types have been ergonomically designed to offer both a high degree of comfort combined with a snug fit to ensure that the maximum energy transfer is obtained for every treatment session.

Ease of use is another virtue of the cuffs with all CRYO-2 systems using self sealing valved connectors which ensure the minimum of spillage. All cuffs can be easily fitted and removed by the patient with the integrated comfort strap system.


Cryo-2 Cuffs


The garments are manufactured from a specially formulated fabric to ensure long life and good thermal transfer which gives the ultimate treatment.


'SureFlow' Cuffs


Particular attention has been paid to the cuff design to make sure that there are no hot spots formed on the limb as is common with regular cold packs. This has been made possible by the special insert. It also has the addded benefit of ensuring guaranteed water flow, so no more blockages by wrapping too tightly.

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